About us

  • Our company NHKZ Steel was founded in 2010.
  • Since the beginning of activity we have been dedicated to development, construction and production of tools intended for cold cutting and forming sheets.
  • We are also engaged in the development and construction of welding, milling and measuring products according to customer requirements.
  • We supplement our production with machining of high-precision machine parts and complex shapes.
  • We also solve for our customers automation-robotization of serial production, which leads to increased work efficiency.


- Prototypes - Automation - Simulation - 3D applications -

Are you a customer who needs to make a tool for the production of sheet metal parts, or just to make a part from sheet metal and you do not know if it is realistic at all?

So you are right here. We also deal with test prototype production and we can successfully realize your ideas.

Based on your request, we will invent and then produce any model or control model that can serve as a basis for further production.


- Pressing tools - Welding fixture - Welding workplaces - Single-purpose machines - Production lines - Special tools - Molds -

We have our own design and development department, which focuses mainly on the design and manufacture of tools for cold stamping or sheet metal drawing.

Based on your requirements, we are able to design and manufacture welding jigs of various complexities. These jigs are then used to fix welded parts, which we produce for robotic or manual workplaces. We manufacture all these products from durable and high-quality materials in order to achieve the longest possible service life.

We also offer the production of control and measuring jigs, which are used to measure and calibrate parts. According to the drawing documentation, we are able to design and manufacture a suitable jig for you.


- CNC machining - EDM machining - 2D/3D laser cutting - 3D profi printing - Tool work - Service and maintenance of tools and molds - Grinding - Milling - Turning - Drilling - Cabin painting -

According to your assignment and drawing documentation, we are able to produce machine parts of high precision and complex shapes. Thanks to the modern equipment of our tool shop, such as wire cutters, CNC centers, automatic grinders, lathes, band saws, etc., we are able to custom manufacture simple to very complex parts.

The main advantages of laser cutting are high accuracy, clean cutting without unnecessary waste and flexibility in the shapes of manufactured parts. We offer custom burning on 2D and 3D laser. To prepare an offer, do not hesitate to contact us at info@nhkz.cz.


  • metal sheet burning up to 3 mm thick
  • max size of cutting board 1500x3000 mm
  • we burn galvanized steel, stainless steel and black sheet metal


  • metal sheet burning up to a thickness of 4 mm
  • max size of working table 1400x700 mm
  • we burn steel and stainless steel


- Robotic welding - Robotic manipulation - Robotic milling - Laser applications - Service and maintenance of robots -

We offer complete solutions based on specific customer needs in the field of automation of production processes. We are flexible and can adapt to the specific requirements of our customers. Above all, it concerns the integration of robots into the production process, as well as plasma and laser applications, robotic welding and robotic milling. We also service KUKA industrial robots.

We provide a complete solution assembled in our fully equipped premises, which allows us to control the quality of the entire order implementation process, from design, construction, to delivery and installation - all under one roof. The result is a unique solution according to your specific needs.